About Us

No One Wants To Feel Limited

We get it. You want workout clothes that allow you to exercise comfortably and confidently. Feeling self-conscious about what you can and can’t do at the gym is the worst. Workout clothing should be freeing, not limiting. You shouldn't have to compromise your beliefs for convenience because of limited options.

jannah fitwear founders 

Our Experience: We Wanted More For Our Daughters

"We noticed that the workout clothing options for Muslim women were limiting the right to fitness. Our daughters wanted to participate in school sports, but the active wear options available were not modest or fashionable. We started Jannah Fitwear to ensure that young girls could have fashionable and modest options to wear during school activities. We wanted inclusive workout clothing for our daughters. What we didn't realize at the time, is this problem was affecting all women, not just our daughters. We knew it was time to take action."

-Ifrah & Leyla, founders of Jannah Fitwear


Why We Started

Here’s to the mothers that want what’s best for their children. Here’s to the young girls that want to participate in school activities and are tired of being excluded. Here’s to the young, working professional that needs flexibility in going from the gym to running errands. Here’s to all women who want to workout without compromising their religious beliefs, while looking good doing it. This one’s for you.

A Modest Fit Is A Happy Fit
Each woman has a different definition of modesty.  A modest fit is a happy fit. It’s more than just clothing, it’s a personal choice. At Jannah Fitwear, we strive to create clothing that is comfortable, practical, and versatile, so that women can wear their clothes with confidence no matter what their activity or occasion.